The CLA Shooting Brake.

Play by your rules.


Vehicle highlights

What exactly is a Shooting Brake?

The ideal combination for us: sporty and practical. Intelligent and stylish. One of a kind.


Breathtakingly inviting.
The perfect proportions of the new CLA Shooting Brake extend from the forward-inclined diamond radiator grille to the frameless doors and muscular shoulders to the distinctive rear end.
The interior design of the new CLA Shooting Brake combines technological power with sporty style. Highly sophisticated control and display features underline this character right down to the last detail. Here you can do what you want and be who you are.


Its drive is as sporty as its looks.
Makes the best of the road. You choose the setup at the push of a button and can even adjust the dampers if you wish. The optional AMG performance models turn up the fun factor to the max.

MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience)

Hey Mercedes.
These two words are all you need to start communicating with the new CLA Shooting Brake - almost as you would with a good friend. Using natural speech or without words - by means of touching or gestures.
Equipped with artificial intelligence, MBUX is able to note your preferences and learn from you. This covers things like your ideal temperature and your taste in music. MBUX can optionally also navigate you to any destination by means of speech and is sure to have a restaurant recommendation for you.


As much design as you want. As much space as you need.
Longer and wider: the new CLA Shooting Brake.
The new space concept makes a clear statement: more room, more comfort.
Welcome to the new CLA Shooting Brake. Welcome to more headroom and more comfort at shoulder level. Furthermore, the increased boot space opens up new transport possibilities. And features such as KEYLESS-GO with HANDS-FREE ACCESS virtually do away with the need for a car key.


Nice to meet you.
The new CLA Shooting Brake: it speaks your language. Thanks to MBUX, it takes just two words from you - "Hey, Mercedes" - and your Mercedes is all ears.
Comfort highlights:
LINGUATRONIC voice control system
User action prediction

It reads the road.
The new CLA Shooting Brake has you covered. Wherever you're headed, your safety is paramount.

The CLA Shooting Brake

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